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Lemons and life

We just completed the Norman Medieval Fair. It wasn’t our best year, but it was beautiful weather, full of laughs, and a reminder why I do what I do. I love creating. I love seeing the smiles when people try on my product or find that perfect gift for someone. I love seeing people I haven’t seen in over a year, or even longer. It’s satisfying. Coming back to PA was rough. We had a few minor glitches starting out- loose lug nuts, clogged fuel filter. Easy fixes. We spent time with Jess’ family and Avery’s trip was complete. Everything was great til we hit Ohio. The burb, the vehicle I rely on to get from show to show, began acting weird. It was dropping gears and hesitating. We were pulling a trailer and about to hit some of the mountains. I had two people relying on me to get them home. I played it safe. Stopped, checked a few things, decided to find a professional. Made it to a garage. She was blowing a lot of smoke. She was fighting pulling the trailer. Prognosis: New engine and tranny needed. We were still 4 hours from home. I had a trailer. We found a rental that they said could handle the trailer (yeah, not so much).  The dealership gave me a quote. They even showed me a new truck. (Truck was nice but I could not load for a show in it if I couldn’t take my trailer)  They were nice and put up with our antics that resulted from stress and being tired, including a whip demo in the middle of their parking lot and locking the keys in the rental. We made it home; took 5 hours. I was tired. I hadn’t slept for more than twenty minutes at a time. I was stressed. We couldn’t find the rental drop location. A wonderful friend started a gofundme. I was overwhelmed. I am the person who will help someone else get where they need to. I am the person who will buy dinner for a fellow crafter and his crew before a show because I know he is tight on funds. I am the person who will stay an extra hour or two to help someone else set up our tear down. I will give an entire meal’s making to a friend in need. I am not the person to ask for money from someone. I figure out how to juggle things to make out work and stress. So this is my thank you. I am grateful to my friends and those I don’t know. I am grateful to John who drove out in bad weather to bring the burb here to be worked on.  Normally the money from Norman helps buy the leather for the year of shows. Now I’m scrambling to cover repairs for us to get to shows. If you visit the shop, I’ll smile when you try something on. If you buy it, I might do a little dance. I do it because I love what I do. And I’ll just keep swimming to make it all work. Next up is Spoutwood’s May Day Festival (Faerie Fest). Come say hi, and maybe get a hug of thanks for supporting us.