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How to tie a halter on

People have asked us how you to tie the halter on for the best support. We’re working on a video, but for now here are instructions.
Quick and simple to do yourself:
1. Fold the halter down using the back ties as your guide for where to fold. The neck ties should drape over the front.
2. Tie the halter around your body under your breasts (about where the bottom of you bra band normally sits). I normally tie mine in front and work it slowly around until the neck pieces are in front.
3. Bring the neck ties up and around your neck. Do not “wiggle” or adjust yourself yet. Tie the ties behind your neck.
4. Bend forward and adjust the “girls.” Do not pull on the leather itself. You may have to tighten your straps after adjusting.

Cross tie the back for more support:
Follow steps 1 and 2. You’ll need help for the rest.
3. Bring the neck ties up and around you neck, but instead of tying them…
4. Take the strap on the right side and bring it down and across the back. Feed it throughout the first loop of the bottom strap before it exits the body of the halter to tie across the body.  Bring it back up, pull tight, and tie a simple slip knot.  Repeat for the left strap going across to the opposite side.
5. You should have an “x” on your back.
6. See step 4 in the simple version.

Your halter will stretch to your shape. The first few times you wear it, you will have to tighten and adjust but then the leather will take your shape to memory and it will just naturally fall into place.