Happy customers and custom pieces!

Over the years we have made lots of things.  Sometimes we remember to take pictures; sometimes we just can’t.  If you bought something from us, and have a pic, please share!  For now, this is what we have to show some of our “every day pieces” and those we made with love.



Deerskin wrapped mirror.

Deerskin wrapped mirror.


Custom studded bracers


Two tone New Zealand Cow cowl.

custom 2 tone bodice

3 Color panel bodice- custom

custom bracers

Bracers with Perth Pewter lion conchos

custom purse

Suede shoulder bag with autumn leaves

custom sheath

Custom sheath- Customer wanted the leather to age naturally.

deerskin bikini

Deerskin bikini top- Photo taken at Spoutwood Farm

elk 2

Elk cowl. This was from one beautiful hide.

emily halter

Deerskin halter

haler and skirt

deerskin halter and 2 tone skirt. Taken at the Norman Medieval Faire.

halter and skirt 2

Love the greys in this skirt!

halter turquose

Turquoise halter.

hard corset

Hard leather corset- custom built. She wanted the support.

janese halter

Leather goes with jeans great!


Man’s leather jerkin.

mans jerkin

We added lacing to this one at his request. Photo taken at the New Jersey Renaissance Festival

Mende bodice

Mende showing off her new bodice

mende turtle

Back of Mende’s bodice featured a turtle.

sheath- custom

Custom sheath to a young man I known since birth. He told me to surprise him with the color.

sutton crawford halter

Sutton Crawford loved her new halter. We were thrilled to have her in one.


Unique jerkins that spoke of their characters. Photo credit- Michael Ulrich.

Unique jerkins that spoke f their characters. Photo credit- Michael Uhlrich.


Glove tan leather backpack. Originally made for a fundraiser .

Glove tan leather backpack. Originally made for a fundraiser .

A custom deerskin wrapped mirror for a doctor's office.

A custom deerskin wrapped mirror for a doctor’s office.

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