Things are afoot for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

We open in under 2 weeks. So what are we doing…


We’ve decided after 15 years here, and thirteen in this building, it’s time to update a few things. New product lines are coming as well as some projects that may cause me to let the minions run amuck unsupervised.



We have a new face in the booth. And by the way, that is a dungeon bait pin. She’s family and has 4 big “brothers” many of you have met plus several “uncles” on grounds.  Make her feel welcome and buy something from her.


So I guess you will have to wait until a week from Saturday to see what we’ve been up to. Can’t wait!

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2 responses to “Things are afoot for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.”

  1. Tina says :

    Looking for the antelope hooded leather cape you had at the pen ren faire 9/25/16

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