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Upcoming shows

This weekend, February 15-17, Emporer’s Needle is once again sharing space with Leatherheads at the 21st Mid-Winter Scottish-Irish Musical Festival in King of Prussia, Pa.  27 hours of non-stop music and wonderful vendors showcasing all things Celtic.

The Duo of Woo

The Duo of Woo

I was asked two years ago to create one of kind leather jerkins for this great duo that truly expressed their personalities. On the left, it was the studly Chris so he got a jerkin well studded with woven leather pieces. On the right, it was the ever loud and impressive Matt who got a jerkin with flashes of blue suede and sparklies. It was a pleasure to work with them and I love seeing them wear the pieces proudly. Photo provided by Michael Ulrich.

An assortment of goods

An assortment of goods

It’s little bit of everything to start this off. A collection of pouches, bracers, and refurbished journals.