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Things are afoot for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

We open in under 2 weeks. So what are we doing…


We’ve decided after 15 years here, and thirteen in this building, it’s time to update a few things. New product lines are coming as well as some projects that may cause me to let the minions run amuck unsupervised.



We have a new face in the booth. And by the way, that is a dungeon bait pin. She’s family and has 4 big “brothers” many of you have met plus several “uncles” on grounds.  Make her feel welcome and buy something from her.


So I guess you will have to wait until a week from Saturday to see what we’ve been up to. Can’t wait!

Norman Medieval faire

We got the news that we have been accepted into the Norman Medieval Faire on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. The show is a one weekend even in April and this will be out third year there along with our friends at Perth Pewter, the Dragon Orphanage, and going for the first time, Utopia Armoury. It will be somewhat bittersweet as one of our favorite restaurants was destroyed in the tornadoes that ripped through the area. I think they were rebuilding and I hope that is true. Time to get busy in the shop again. I am finishing up some special orders and have some new designs in my head to work on. We’ll see what the next coupe of weeks bring to life.


New Year

I realize I have slacked and not updated in a while. In my defense, this last year has been challenging. Between finally learning what the root cause of some recent health setbacks, the other half finally getting a job closer and moving in (combining two full households in the middle of my busy season with only 2 weeks notice is not easy!), and recent staff challenges and changes, things just had to be put on the back burner for a bit.
This coming year will be a challenge again as I start to work on stock for Norman with a frozen shoulder, a shop still not back in workable shape, and worries about who will work when and where; but it will happen. It always does. Life has a funny way of making sure the possibilities are there.

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities.

Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive,

effective, unstoppable determination.” Ralph Marston

Something special

So as I finish this 3 day weekend that was full of humidity, sudden storms, surprise visits from old friends, lack of internal filters (tsk tsk, and it was Children’s Fantasy weekend), and so-so sales, I am all ready looking at next weekend.  Next weekend is Heroes of the realm.  It’s PARF’s salute to our men and women who have kept and continue to keep us safe.  So of course my thought is what can I do?  Many of my friends and my sweetie have served and still serve, so I need to do something, right?

So, part 1 is in the works.  I’ll be posting pics soon of a special piece for next weekend.  Part 2 will soon follow.   So wait for it…just wait…

Robin Hood pouches

They’re back in stock and in some great colors.  These pouches hold a little bit of everything, expanding as you need it.  It slips over the belt and can be worn on the hip, back, or front.  Check them out in the shop before they’re gone again!Robin hoods

A month til PARF opens

So it’s a month to the Pennsylvania renaissance Faire opens on the first Saturday of August.  I look forward to this every year as it is my home show; the show where the bug bit me to be part of this world.  I have come a long way- intern, informistress, cart monkey, booth monkey, salesperson, booth owner, artisan.  The road I walked to get here was pretty long and so not paved or easy to trek along.  There were giant hills and major hollows; mud and stone; flood waters and snow; sunshine and rain.  Yet here I am about to start down that road again to a show that lasts thirteen weekends.  They are long days to get ready for but I do it with a smile.  Old friends will return and new ones will be made.  The smell of unworked leather hides inspires me to create pieces that will bring long memories for those who buy my wares.  It’s a month til we open.  Let me take a breath… and now I run with scissors as i attack those leather hides.

New Jersey Renaissance Fair

This weekend is the second weekend of NJRF at Liberty Lake Day Camp in Florence. NJ. Come check out this great show and visit the shop/tent. Promises to be a great weekend!

Memorial Day

As I sit here and ponder those I know who are defending our freedom, country, and rights, I also remember those who have served and died for those same things. It is not “Happy” Memorial Day.  There is no “happy” about someone you have loved dying for you.  It is a specific day on which we, as a whole, remember those who took an oath to protect and serve what we all believe in.  So for this, a simple thank you to those who can hear it, read it, see it.  For those who have passed, you are not forgotten.Image


3 popular styles of pouches- the 6-Pack, Econo, and Classic

3 popular styles of pouches- the 6-Pack, Econo, and Classic

Pouches are available in different sizes and colors. Evrything from your basic black to pink, red, green, purple, and brown plus whatever great colors I have aquired. Stock is constantly changing so always inquire!

Roses roses roses

Roses come in three sizes now.  Basic colors are always red, white, black, royal blue, purple, pink, and yellow.  Other colors depend on what leather I find to create with.  Small and large single stem blooms as well as the bud pin.  Coming soon (or returning to our stock bins) are chokers- tiny roses on a leather band.  Hoping to get those made for Norman Medieval Festival in just a few weeks!small and large single stem roses